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non-government organisations.

Non-Government Organisations have done much of the heavy lifting in the social sector and certainly in the face of recent events, this effort has been even more pronounced. We have great admiration for NGOs large and small, and our role is to support and enhance this work.

NGOs provide critical and invaluable support to those groups and communities across the country where there is real need and some significant social challenges.

 Umagine works with NGOs to provide expertise and capability.

 Working with Umagine can leverage up strategy, add value through our unique capability and networks, and bring specialised skills to the implementation of social programs, services and projects.

We create simple solutions for complex problems.

At the centre of what we do is always a person, a life, a story. Many of these stories are punctuated by indifference, isolation, trauma, risk, harm, and hardship.

NGO Impact

How We Work With NGOs


Social Impact Strategy

We advise, develop, and build social impact strategy to achieve specific goals across business, community, and enterprise.


Social Impact Joint Ventures & Partnerships

We connect networks with aligned values and goals to achieve social impact outcomes.


Social Enterprise & Innovation

We facilitate the implementation of innovation and creative problems solving.


Project Implementation Oversight

We provide executive project management oversight to all project sizes.


Project Management & Implementation

We develop project management frameworks and oversee their execution


We advise, provide thought leadership, and offer complex problem-solving to organisations of all sizes across Australia.


We develop and build social investment strategies, recruit for social impact capital, and enable social enterprise incubation.


We develop strategy, design programs, build business cases and facilitate program delivery for businesses of all sizes.


We facilitate project coaching, provide oversight, as well as end to end project management.