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Across the country communities have adjusted to the events that have hit our country hard. Bushfires delivered the first round of devastation and damage followed by the Coronavirus epidemic. With these unprecedented events has come the fallout of businesses closing, jobs being lost, and our social fabric breaking down the requirement to stay home.

 Will we return to normal? We will return to a new normal but what this looks like we don’t know.

 Before confronting these major events in our communities, we were already rising to the challenge presented by a range of social issues that are unique in every way to every Australian community. In amongst the challenges are community aspirations for change and a better tomorrow.

 Umagine works with communities to realise aspirations.

 We invite communities, local Governments and community members to bring forward projects that deliver on community aspirations and have the potential for genuine social impact. We assess projects for feasibility and then bring capability and partners to join with communities to successfully stand up projects.

We are currently working to make real change.

At the centre of what we do is always a person, a life, a story. Many of these stories are punctuated by indifference, isolation, trauma, risk, harm, and hardship.

Community Impact

How We Work With Communities


Community Development Strategy

We advise and build community development strategy to align goals to action.


Community Programs, Concepts & Ideas

We facilitate the development of innovative community programs and new ideas for future growth.


Community Program Design & Implementation

We bring program ideas and community goals to life through program design and development.


Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures

We connect businesses to social impact networks with the potential to effect real change in aligned value areas.


Project Management Oversight or Delivery

We facilitate project coaching, provide oversight, as well as end to end project management.


Social Enterprise & Innovation

We facilitate innovative thinking and creative problems solving towards social impact objectives.


We advise, provide thought leadership, and offer complex problem-solving to organisations of all sizes across Australia.


We develop and build social investment strategies, recruit for social impact capital, and enable social enterprise incubation.


We develop strategy, design programs, build business cases and facilitate program delivery for businesses of all sizes.


We facilitate project coaching, provide oversight, as well as end to end project management.