Working across communities and sectors

Who We Work With

We work with organisations and communities around Australia.


Non-Gonvernment Organisations

Umagine works with NGOs to provide expertise and capability.
Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) do the heavy lifting in the social sector, and in the face of recent events, this effort is even more pronounced.
Umagine provides critical and invaluable skills to strategy development, refresh of existing programs and services to build out effectiveness, and in the design of new programs and services. Umagine provides specialist skills in successful project implementation.


Corporate Australia

Umagine works with companies to shape and deliver successful social impact programs. In the corporate sector these are typically known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Corporates have the potential to be significant change makers through social impact programs done well, however these can also be missed opportunities. We get it – this is not core business.
It is core business for Umagine.
We bring extensive knowledge and experience in social impact programs and projects to ensure that corporate CSR programs maximise their return on investment – both social and financial.



Umagine works with communities and local partners to stand up projects that deliver on community aspirations.
Communities have been hit hard by drought, bushfires, and the Coronavirus pandemic – all on top of the prevailing social challenges for our communities. Umagine works with communities to respond to local social issues and build solutions.

Investment Community

Umagine works with social investors, financial institutions, funding organisations and individuals to implement projects and programs that have social impact. We bring capital into the ecosystem of social impact solutions. We work to create and structure investment vehicles, undertake due diligence and feasibility assessment, and match investment with opportunities.

At Umagine..

We are thought leaders in social change and innovation..

We consult on strategy, ventures, programs and projects..

We build customised solutions to complex social challenges..

We design and develop effective social impact models..

We deliver successful social impact projects..