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Emerging from current challenges is a test for all of us, and comes with a true examination of our collective capacity to recover and rebuild our social and economic landscape. Umagine is engaged by the Community sector, Corporate Australia, Government, and the Investment community. We provide specialist advice and services on social impact solutions.


Umagine is a leader in social impact.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in social and community programs. We provide thought leadership and advisory services that break down complex social problems, build out understanding, and inject innovation into effective models.

We work with you to test social impact concepts, develop strategy, and build solutions.


Umagine consulting provides expertise and capability.

We bring specialised knowledge and skills to the design and implementation of social impact programs, services, and projects.

We work with you to review and refresh existing client facing programs and services, create new ventures, design new programs, and secure strategic partnerships.


Project Management

At Umagine we are implementation specialists.

In our experience programs fall over because organisations and people are not equipped to deliver.

We work with you to understand the true scope of the project and establish its structure. We provide project oversight as a strategic partner, coach and mentor your project team to build capability, and we provide direct, hands-on project management for successful delivery.

Larger and more complex projects require us to assess and identify social impact, create a “project within the project” and deliver social impact benefits within the overarching project scope.

Enterprise Solutions

We do not have all the answers. Effective social support systems rely on collaboration and innovation. Umagine works across sectors and brings together partners with the expertise to unlock creative social impact solutions. Our partners think outside the box, work with us to solve challenges, and are key to delivering successful projects.

Enterprise partners come from diverse and specialist areas such as technology, business, construction, philanthropy, and finance. We have a portfolio of enterprise programs, each with a social focus and each is a catalyst for change and social impact.


At Umagine..

We are thought leaders in social change and innovation..

We consult on strategy, ventures, programs and projects..

We build customised solutions to complex social challenges..

We design and develop effective social impact models..

We deliver successful social impact projects..