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Bushfire Recovery & Rebuild

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Rebuilding after
natural disaster.

The tragedy of the Australian bushfires over the summer of 2019-2020 have taken a back seat to the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that is COVID-19. It is really important that we do not lose sight of the damage and devastation that the bushfires have wreaked on many of our Australian communities.

Umagine stands ready to lend its specialist skills and service to the recovery and rebuilding effort required to help our Australian communities get back on their feet.

Does your organisation need help to rebuild?

At the centre of what we do is always a person, a life, a story. Many of these stories are punctuated by indifference, isolation, trauma, risk, harm, and hardship.

Current Projects

How We Help Bushfire Recovery


Social Impact Strategy

We advise and develop social impact strategy with businesses of all sizes and industry.


Social Impact Joint Ventures

We connect businesses to social impact networks with the potential to effect real change in aligned value areas. 


Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

We facilitate the development of Corporate Social Responsibility programs and initiatives throughout Australia.


Community Development Programs

We build community development programs for businesses to adapt and execute in their local communities.


We advise, provide thought leadership, and offer complex problem-solving to organisations of all sizes across Australia.


We develop and build social investment strategies, recruit for social impact capital, and enable social enterprise incubation.


We develop strategy, design programs, build business cases and facilitate program delivery for businesses of all sizes.


We facilitate project coaching, provide oversight, as well as end to end project management.