Our Story

How We Came to Be

Our Story

Where we 
came from.

Umagine was founded by Michael Rheinberger in 2017.

Michael has worked extensively across the community and social sector. Far too many times he was left scratching his head when a truly great idea, social reform, or significant social project was left sitting on a shelf in a document. He knew the ultimate cost of this inaction was borne by those who can least afford it – our most vulnerable. This was not good enough. Umagine was created to disrupt this.

 Umagine is changing the social landscape. We saw a need to translate great thinking and vision into real social change with real impact – at the individual, community and national level.

 This is Umagine, this is what we do.

 We cut through complex social challenges to shape great ideas and make them real…real solutions, changing real lives, in real time.

We work with communities in real time.

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Core Pillars

Who We Are


We focus on the challenges that break down our social fabric and tear at its seams. At the centre of what we do is a person, a life, a story…perhaps a story of intergenerational trauma, a disadvantage, discrimination and hardship.   .


Impact is about how we maximise our investment into social outcomes. We work strategically and with discipline to leverage available resources to maximise social returns.   


We bring a unique combination of proven skills and knowledge in successfully delivering complex projects. We are good at what we do – this is not our claim, it’s what our clients say.   


We advise, provide thought leadership, and offer complex problem-solving to organisations of all sizes across Australia.


We develop and build social investment strategies, recruit for social impact capital, and enable social enterprise incubation.


We develop strategy, design programs, build business cases and facilitate program delivery for businesses of all sizes.


We facilitate project coaching, provide oversight, as well as end to end project management.