Bringing a hard edge to soft infrastructure

Our Approach

Umagine takes an enterprise approach to solving complex social challenges and creating positive futures. We bring together thought leadership and implementation capability for real change.

Our mission is to stand up a network of successful social impact ventures, and we do this by bringing a hard edge to “soft infrastructure” (or person-centred) projects.

We bring:
• thinking that challenges the status quo
• design principles that are person-centred
• advice that is customised and robust
• project management that is disciplined
• solutions that maximise social impact.

Our Story

The story behind Umagine is a simple one. Umagine was founded as a for-purpose business to put a positive future within reach of more people. We test the art of the possible – “imagine” – and we are not about the ‘I’, this is about the ‘U’.

Umagine is led by Michael Rheinberger, it’s founder and principal.

For over two decades Michael has worked extensively across the community and social sector delivering significant social reforms and projects. He is an accomplished expert offering real-world thought leadership on social innovation and impact, and with a proven track record.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Business Administration.

People At The Centre

Our social impact expertise reaches out to:

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People

People with Disabilities

Children, Families, & Young People

People Experiencing Homelessness

What People Say About Us

Michael has made a significant contribution within the most politically contentious element of the program. He has been central to the success of the largest and most complex land acquisition program undertaken by Defence.

I have appreciated his ability to process significant quantities of work in a no-fail environment, his adaptability, and his capacity to see the strategic picture while operationalising the need and delivering on outcomes. He is a natural collaborator and an inclusive leader and I would fight to have Michael involved in any Program team I led.”

Brigadier (Director-General)
Australian Department of Defence

At Umagine..

We are thought leaders in social change and innovation..

We consult on strategy, ventures, programs and projects..

We build customised solutions to complex social challenges..

We design and develop effective social impact models..

We deliver successful social impact projects..